What To Wear At The Wedding Day

As we all know that what to wear is always a struggle for women, especially when it comes to wearing a dress for a wedding, things can get complicated. You may find few basic guidelines about how to choose a wedding guest dress. When choosing your dress, you have to take the time of wedding, as well as its formality into account.

If you are attending a daytime wedding, your dress can be somewhat casual compared to dress for an evening wedding. A nice dress or skirt in a light color, or a dress with a soft print or floral pattern, are beautiful choices. If you are going to hold a outdoor wedding, you had better coordinate a beautiful hat and strappy sandals with your the dress.

Evening Wedding Women attending an evening wedding should dress as if they were going to dinner at a nice restaurant. A black cocktail dress or dressy suits are ideal. Black or dark colors and sophisticated fabrics such as silk or wool are best for this type of occasion, and can be accented with a small evening bag or clutch. Black Tie Affair A formal affair that is designated with the words “black tie” on an invitation means that you should dress very formally for the occasion.

According to the Wedding Channel’s Guide for Guests, women are suuested to choose formal, floor-length gowns. If the invitation says “black tie optional” versus “black tie, you can choose a shorter cocktail dress.” You should err on the side of overdressing rather than dressing too casually. Although you may need ideas of what to wear at the wedding, you should also know what not to wear. White, cream or ivory is typically off-limits, as the bride should not be upstaged at her own wedding. On the other hand, if you attend a daytime wedding, try to avoid wearing black dresses. Wedding is a formal occasion, so don’t wear jeans, or other casual attire with holes or stains. Finally, avoid wearing anything too revealing, because, once again, this is the time for the bride to shine.

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