Ways To Have A Cheap But Wonderful Wedding

Every bride has a dream about what her wedding will be. You have a beautiful dream for your big day. You can have a lovely, memorable wedding, even on a strict budget. Just allow the following tips.

Make sections in a binder with the following titles: invitations and stationery, flowers and decorations, attendants, clothes, wedding location, reception location, participants that must be paid for their services such as the minister and musicians, photography, food and wedding cake.

Discuss the choices you have to make with your fiance and parents if they are contributing financially. Set up a budget and plan to adhere to it to have a cheap wedding. Save a part of money every month before your wedding. Prepare and write down every cent you will cost for your wedding in the binder.

Make a list of friends and family who have talent to help in the various sections listed in your binder. Talk to each person and ask if they are willing to help you make your cheap yet nice wedding happen. Discuss with them what you want to do and make sure they understand that they are helping you without any need to take over for you.

Prepare the invitation cards by your own. Decorate them with delicate cards or other inserts or use a computer program to design them.

Look for the photographers in advance before your wedding and ask if it can be cheaper if you pay earlier. Ask if your photographer could be cheaper if you allow your photos to be used in public advertising. It won’t hurts to say.

Bake and decorate your own cake. Ask your favorite baking aunt or one of your fiance’s family members to make your cake if the idea intimidates you. Tell her you’d treasure that labor of love as a wedding gift. Shop with her and buy the ingredients from your budget.

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