Tips On Looking Chic While Traveling

Travel is synonymous with discomfort for many people. Endless sitting, sleeping in awkward positions, unexpected delays and long times to wait may take passion out of being on an adventure. Because of this, travel clothing comfort is key. Searching for the great travel outfit which doesn’t look like pajamas may seem daunting, pulling together a stylish outfit that still feels comfortable is possible.
Fabulous Flats
Boarding a plane or walking to and from various locations in heels will not do your feet any favors, so leave the heels at home. A comfortable yet stylish pair of flats will do the trick. In the summer months, sandals, ballet flats or even boat shoes are good options, while in the winter months, a flat pair of boots or easy loafers work well. Think about if your shoes can be taken off and put back to ease airport security checks.
Layered Looks
Pull out your cardigans and wraps when traveling, as temperatures may fluctuate both on the plane and at your final destination. Layer your outfit with a light or medium weight wrap or cardigan that you can take off easily. Pair a maxi dress with a stylish denim jacket — especially when flying from a cool location to a warmer one. Dress up everyday leggings in your closet with a cozy tee or tunic and top it off with a pashmina. Pashminas are a traveling fashionista’s best friend — accessorize with them as a scarf or use them as a blanket for a bit of beauty sleep while traveling.
Breathable, Wrinkle-Free Fabrics
Because traveling involves so much sitting and standing, clothing can easily become wrinkled. Do not choose clothing such as linen, silks or canvas. Select cotton or cotton blends. Cotton is breathable and comfortable. It is also forgiving when it comes to wrinkles. Polyblends and spandex are good options because of their stretchiness. Cashmere’s softness feels great on the skin and looks great all day long.
Pull together your travel attire by accessorizing. A simple necklace, such as a beaded or pendant necklace, will complement any outfit. However, keep in mind while traveling that airport security checks may require you to remove jewelry, so the “less is more” rule definitely applies here. Belts containing metal buckles will also need to be removed. Take your favorite pair of sunglasses for car rides and sight-seeing while traveling.

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