September Wedding Ideas

If you decide your wedding day to be in September, you might miss the bright summer sun, but you are sure to enjoy the colors and atmosphere of the golden autumn.

Fall Foods
Your guests can enjoy tasting the flavors of the fall at your September wedding. You can offer the yummy peanuts or nuts for guests to waste the boring time at the start of reception. During the sit-down meal, you’ll want to consider some fall desserts, such as apple tarts. Meanwhile, as a treat for after the festivities, you could have venue staff offer around caramel apples wrapped up with ribbons, or a tray full of chocolates shaped like falling leaves. In addition, you can place a treat on each guest’s place mat at the beginning of the dinner, which the guest can enjoy then or leave for later.

Seasonal Flowers
One of the tasks to take care of as you arrange your wedding is to decide which flowers you’ll be using for the flower arrangements, both at the reception and possibly at the ceremony venue too. While your September wedding could feature all-year flower varieties such as carnations, orchids or roses, you might want to consider seasonal flowers that are available in the Fall. These might include sunflowers, lavenders and dahlias, as noted by the Wedding Chaos website.

Atmospheric Venue
Your choice of venues for both ceremony and reception is, of course, limited by what’s available to you due to your location and budget. However, you might consider choosing venues which bring to life the ambience of the month of September. Find the buildings which reminds people of the past through preserved historicals trace. For instance, you can opt for a hundreds of years hotel which suggested by the wedding plan secrets website.

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