Informations On Fashion Dos & Don’ts

Ralph Lauren once said, “Fashion is nothing about labels. It’s not about brands at all. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” Although fashions change yearly, you can get a stylish closet by using clothes which both suit your individual taste and uphold modern dress etiquette. beauty and sophistication cocktail dresses
Don’t wear colors that clash with your ensemble or your natural complexion. The best way to avoid color clashing is to understand the basics of the color wheel. Neutral and near-neutral colors such as black, white, gray, beige, tan and brown are easily paired with most ensembles and are appropriate for most occasions. Skin tones with violet, pink or blue undertones are cool complexions, and are best suited to comparably cool colors like green, blue and lavender. Skin tones just like yellow, peach and red undertones are warm. Warm complexions look best with other warm colors such as yellow, red and orange.
Body Shape
Do wear clothes that are appropriate for your body type. There are few things that spoil a stylish ensemble more than wearing the wrong size or unflattering designs. Your clothes should accentuate your positive features and minimize your problem areas whether you are plus-size or not. Avoid tapered jeans like skinny jeans which accentuate bulky areas; heavy-set individuals are well suited to boot-cut pants. Don’t be afraid to show your unique shape off. Women often like clothes which accentuate feminine curves, while men always strive to focus on broad shoulders and a strong chest.
Don’t expose too much of anything. Modesty never goes out of style like manners. Glamour magazine notes that letting “it all hang out” is never a good idea. Overexposing your legs, chest or buttocks is a fast way to make a potentially nice outfit appear cheap and juvenile. Women can maintain a modest appearance by utilizing camisoles, properly fitting bras and leggings. Men should avoid sagging pants that expose their undergarments or wearing button-down shirts wide open. Use stylish suspenders or belts and v-neck undershirts to keep your look age appropriate.
Do know your audience. One of the best strategies to keeping up a fashionable appearance is to choose attire based on the occasion. It is not appropriate for dressy occasions just like cocktail parties or formal business meetings, even if your favorite casual outfit is modest, flatters your physique and suits your color palette. Business-formal and business-casual clothing should be professional as well as polished. Dressy events need your ensemble suggest chic and fashionable. It’s often helpful to have an occasion-neutral outfit on standby. When in doubt, women may fall back on a little black dress or pants with a dressy top. Men should keep a pair of dark slacks and a dress shirt or button-down casual shirt in reserve for attire emergencies.

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