How To Wear A Red Dress

Move over, little black gown. It’s time for you to find something bolder. A red dress catches attention and never let go — if it’s the right red dress. To really rock this look, you’ll need to pay attention to the details. Do it correct, and you’ll make the good impression which burns after-images into admirers’ retinas.
Pick the Right Shade
Match the shade of your red dress with your complexion. Not every red works for every skin tone. Some bright reds will cause pale-skinned women to look washed out while some orange-reds will bring clash with sallow skin tones. If you can, hold the dress up to your face when you’re shopping and see how they look together. You also can use construction paper or swatches in the bathroom mirror to decide your best red shade. wedding dresses samples
Keep the Style Simple
Red is such a bold color that your dress doesn’t need a lot of additions to make a statement. In fact, too much detail can be distracting. Keep the lines clean and simple and, when in doubt, go with less. You can also add a belt, a rocking pair of heels or some chic jewelry to complete your look.
Set Eyes to Smolder
Make sure your makeup matches the drama of your dress. Go for smoky eyes and a deep, bold lipstick. Your lip shade doesn’t have to be red — in fact; it can be distracting if it’s too matchy. But be sure that it doesn’t clash with your dress. As for your hair, an up-do — sleek or messy is your best choice. Remember that a red dress is a hot evening statement, and make it special.
Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
Be bold in your accessory choices, but don’t overdo it. Neutral colors such as black, white and beige are best. This is a good time to break out those nude pumps — unless you’ve got your heart set on a zebra-striped pair. Gold is also a fine match. Or complement an orange-red shade with orange and yellow, a bluish red with blue or purple.

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