How To Look Beautiful In A Cocktail Gown?

Women like to wear cocktail gowns. Not like before, these dreses can only be worn for particular special occasions or formal events, today, women could wear them to many occasions, no matter it’s formal or informal.

Every woman likes to wear cocktail dresses but they also want to look fashionable and beautiful when they in it. But remember it is not that every cocktail dress can make you look stylish but it is style that suits your body type makes you fashionable. Dress style suiting your figure is the major tool for looking fashionable. It will flatter your body shape and help you get many compliments.

Bottom heavy women should look for cocktail dress that is snug at the waist but not too tight. Bottom part of dress should have flare so as to hide big hips and thick thighs. Ball gowns, flared empire waist cocktail dress, A-line cocktail dress etc. are perfect styles that suit them. Also remember to choose long gown as you have nothing to show at bottom.

Cocktail dresses which flaunt your upper body is another good choice to bottom heavy women. Strapless cocktail dress, halter cocktail dress, off the shoulder cocktail dress, one shoulder cocktail dress etc. are some of them. Also dresses embellished at upper part are good options.

On the opposite for top heavy ladies cocktail gowns showing legs are nice choice. Short cocktail gowns, knee length cocktail gowns, mini cocktail gowns etc. are appropriate choices.

You can choose low v neckline dresses if you are heavy top but have nice cleavage. Theses gowns can make women look sexy and fashionable. Also dresses having embellishments at bottom are good enough. Such cocktail dress styles lend fashionable look to top heavy women.   

Keep the above tips in mind for looking fashionable in cocktail dress.

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