How To Buy Cheap Clothes

Unless you are a naturist, then you must spend money buying clothes. But it is not everyone’s lifestyle option. If the cost of your wardrobe is hitting your wallet, there are ways to make it a little less painful and fun too!

1 Before buying an item of clothing, do your research! Do not just visit the mall and keep buying. Look the item up on the internet to see how much it’s being sold for.
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2 Think ahead. Buy winter clothes in spring and summer clothes in the autumn. While this might sound a bit backward, it means you’ll be buying items without paying full price. More Cocktail Dresses

3 Consider your lifestyle when buying clothes. Most people wear 25% of their closet regularly. If on a day-to-day basis you dress in jeans and a t-shirt, there seems little point in having 20 dresses in your closet. Short Cocktail Dresses

4 Don’t go overboard. Rather than buy a brand new set of clothes each season or year, try to update the items you have already. Add accessories to flatter your every day look, such as jewelry, handbags ans hates.

5 Does the item pass the comfort test? Buy clothes according to how they fit, instead of the size on the label. If they are not comfortable, give them up. Buying clothing means you are wasting your money.

6 Thrift shops, consignment stores, flea markets, garage sales and online auctions are at great prices. If your budget is tight but you prefer designer labels, you might find yourself a bargain and a fun day of treasure hunting.

7 Wholesalers are also worth considering if you have friends also interested in saving money. Items such as childrens clothing, underwear, socks and scarves are good purchases to make in this way. Your cost per item is reduced by buying in bulk.

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