Five Dress Silhouette Types

Dresses are one of the most equally feminine and chic outfits which a lady can wear. Fortunately, there are kinds of styles to choose from that are sure to hit fashion in the wardrobe. In order to make the style decision process a little easier, it’s good to know some of the different dress silhouettes at your fingertips.
Arguably the most universally flattering type of dress silhouette, an A-line dress is known for its easy design and general style appeal for most body types. An A-line dress has a silhouette the mimics the letter “A,” which means that it is narrower at the waist/hip area and flares out at the bottom hemline. Keeping in line with its easy wearability, many dress styles are A-line, which makes it somewhat of an all-purpose dress that can be worn for several occasions and any time of day.
The waistline of a dress is generally a key focal point of its design; however, when you decide to wear an empire dress, the waist placement is a little different. An empire dress silhouette is one in which the waistline of the dress has been significantly raised to just underneath the bosom. This design detail takes the focus off the waist and puts it up higher on the body. If you are at all top heavy, an empire dress can be difficult to wear because it gives the appearance of a stuffed bosom that proves unflattering to the overall dress design.
One of the best things about a dress is that it beautifully accentuates the lines of the female form. A dress silhouette which achieves it quite well is one that features on a sheath design. A sheath dress generously hugs the figure and has a defined waistline, which creates a tasteful yet flattering form-fitting silhouette. Some sheath dresses are more form-fitting than others, as it depends on their length, fabric and bust-line area. Style tip: While it’s easy to confuse, a sheath is not the same as a bodycon dress, which is extremely tight all over due to the stretchy fabric it’s made from.
Comfy, easy to wear and flattering, a shift dress is just as feminine as other types without trying as hard. A coveted dress type largely dressed on the 1960s, a shift dress hangs from the shoulders straight down with no waist accentuation. It means that if you are fuller around the midsection and you don’t want to call attention to it, a free-flowing shift dress is the best choice. Shifts are also available year-round, as many sundresses and fall styles feature this retro dress silhouette.
Just as the LBD (little black dress) is considered a fashion essential, a wrap dress is also in the conversation of wardrobe must-haves. A wrap dress is definitely just the name suggests: It is a dress which wraps around the body from one side to the other and ties at the waist. The material of a wrap dress is often made from stretch jersey, which gives it a snug fit at the waist area that serves as the focal point for the entire dress silhouette. Many styles flow away from the body as you get toward the lower hip and thigh area, despite the fact that dress fitting snug at the center.

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