Dress Code For A Tea Party

Tea party is a place where many people come together to enjoy tea, food and chatting. The following are the tips for adult dress code and as well as children dress code for a tea party. 2014 Online Shop at United Kingdom

1 Go over the invitation card. If it has any indications as to style of dress, including any requirements for wearing costumes, follow them as closely as possible. If there is nothing specified, go by what you know of the person who has invited you, the time of day the weather, and the reason for the tea party, according to the following guidelines:

Morning tea parties are less formal than afternoon teas. An evening is the most formal one amoung all the tea party types. 2013 Bridal Gown UK
The attire for summer and spring teas will be generally less formal than that of fall and winter teas. Cheap Pageant Dress
Are you attending a casual tea held “just because,” or a more formal tea for an event such as engagement or to introduce a dignitary?
If you’re still not sure, phone the host or hostess to find out more. Or, if the event is being held at a hotel or tea shop, phone the business and ask for guidance.

2 Take smart casual wear into consideration. A tea party is a special event and is reminiscent of former days when people would go to a lot of effort to present themselves well when turning up at someone else’s house for afternoon tea. Smart casual will usually consist of:

Girls: A pretty party dress or skirt and top combination, neat shoes, hair bows, and a hat. And if the invitation says “fancy dress” or “costumes,” see the Dressing for a Children’s Tea Party section below for more guidance.
Men: A casual suit without a tie; neat trousers and polo shirt or neatly ironed casual shirt; add jackets or elegant sweaters.
Boys: Clear shirts and trousers, he can choose a suit as well if the invitation calls for it.

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