Colors For Summer Dress

Summer is often a time to throw away the drab hues of winter and break out bright, festive and fun colors. Women often wear dresses in brighter colors than in the winter, celebrating the blooming of the plants and flowers outside as summer wears on. Experiment with bold colors during the summer. princess style cocktail dresses
Pinks are the perfect choice for summer, as they represent freshness, newness and the blooming of plants. Although darker pinks are often worn in the fall and winter, the summer is a time to experiment with hot pinks and lighter hues. Try a color block dress using both pinks and whites to keep it light and airy for a fun look. classic style prom cocktail dresses
Lime Green
Greens are often worn in the winter and fall, but during that time people more often wear darker and kelly greens. Lighter, more airy colors should be worn in the summer, symbolizing the green grass and plants. A dress that’s predominantly lime green will certainly get some attention, and you may also choose to wear a floral green dress to evoke the feeling of a garden on a beautiful summer day.
The sky is bright blue during the summer most of the time, especially if you live in an area with a dry climate. Celebrate sunny skies by donning a light blue dress. Whether you choose a solid piece, or one with a pattern incorporating white flecks mixed with greens and pinks on a light blue background, you’ll have no problem finding blue-hued summer dresses that are fun, festive and light.
During the summer months, the sun is out in full force almost every day. Why not celebrate by wearing a beautiful yellow sundress? Experiment with different hues of yellow, such as darker mustard colors or lighter, sunnier colors. To specifically evoke the feeling of a sunny summer’s day, choose a dress striped with yellows and oranges. Yellow is a color which is surely meant for summer. cocktail dresses uk

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