Chic Prom Dress Ideas

What a girl wears to the prom party can be the defining moment in her fashion life. She can choose the classic and traditional look or decide to stray off the beaten path and find something funky to suit her own unique personality.
Bold Prints
For a fun and funky prom dress, try bold and wild prints as opposed to one solid color. These dresses can be either long and formal or short, but they are surely to catch the attention of everyone. Jovani and Clarisse are popular dress designers who offer trendy styles for most body types. From skin tight to a looser, flowing skirt, it is determined by you.
To truly stand out, try a camouflage print. While people usually wear camo to blend in with nature, blending in is definitely not what you will do in a camouflage prom dress. While a camo dress comes in cuts and styles from traditional to modern, it is the print that adds that bit of funk. You can even have your date go camo for a truly original couple look.
The Retro Dress
For a truly vintage style, you can blast back to the past and find a retro dress that will set you apart from the crowd. Styles from the 1950s offer old-school Hollywood glam with poofy crinoline layered skirt and tight halter tops. Wear bright red or polka dot prints with strappy high heel sandals and a throwback beehive hair style to make the look really pop.
The Punk Look
With low, plunging backs and short, flirty skirts, the punk look is funky at its finest. The punk dress is filled with colors from black to pastels and everything in between. Skirts layered with organza in a variety of colors give these dresses a unique ’80s look, with sequins and rhinestones making them shine. Complete the look with a pair of leggings or leg warmers, and pair them with either stiletto heels or even sneakers to make your outfit as far from the ordinary as it can be.

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